Scream - Usher / Hilty & Bosch Showcase Locking & Popping / 310XT Films / URBAN DANCE CAMP

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    • MUSIC: "Scream" by Usher UDC Remix
    • CHOREOGRAPHERS: Hilty & Bosch Japan

    ★ THE UDC ★ The Urban Dance Camp is the world's leading dance intensive education. The annual international workshop event has become after many years the best summer intensive for studio-styles choreography as well as streetdance-styles, with the highest standard of teaching and unique talents from around the world.

    ★ THE LINE UP ★ The Urban Dance Camp presents every year an amazing line up with dance legends, youtube stars and top international choreographers from Asia, Europe and the USA. All of them proved their skills in the past years and become the best and most qualified educators for choreography-oriented participants.

    ★ THE CLASSES ★ The UDC 2016 offers you more than 170 classes over a period of 50 days. The workshops are ideal for dancers, teachers and choreographers with experience. The level of the classes is for intermediate, advanced and professional dancers. The UDC is not for beginners, who never danced before. Participants have to be at least 16 years. Enjoy 255 hours of workshops with up to 39 teachers and participants from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Israel, Switzerland, Singapore and many more!
19/01/2017 Emmy GamezTM
Who else is here because of MMD's?

17/01/2017 mikaela hatsuko
Es el mejor baile me gusto solo que ya se bailarlo pero me encanto sigue así yo lo bailo con un niño a y por sierto soy una chica tienes mi like

17/01/2017 GypsyRebel
My mouth was wide open the whole time. This was incredible!!!!

15/01/2017 Ashley Umsted (Lilmarie2008)
When you can't help but to have fun with a piece. Love it!

15/01/2017 Vids r laifu, AMV is waifu ;3
I loved it!! I wish I were there to see it irl

13/01/2017 Saikat Das
best locking sink i had ever been seend.weel guys i m ur biggest fan

11/01/2017 Doll


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