DRONE HELP - YUNEEC TYPHOON H Camera - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Exposure, Panorama

  • Дата - 01/11/2016, Продолжительность - 10:59, Просмотров - 9854, Понравилось 179 пользователям

  • A demonstration of all the new camera features for the TYPHOON H are shown in this video. These features are available within the October 28, Yuneec firmware available for the Typhoon H and ST16 controller.
16/01/2017 scott fallon
One of the best drone tuitions made. Many thanks.

12/01/2017 Chris Drosophila
Question, have you played with the RealSense Range Meter? In a firmware update, you can Displays distance between the aircraft and object, with the ability to set a distance alert. I am waiting for my RealSense module to arrive and am wondering on where I can activate and set a distance alert. SOURCE:

07/01/2017 Cali dood
been flyin heli's for 8 years up to a ALIGN 700... got the typhoon and i actually was INTIMIDATED... but aftrer a couple launch and alt set pulled up the gear and did a 360 cam pan... i can say i was scared for nuttin LOL this is a AMAZING hex verrrry happy i got it and lookin forward to seeing all it has to offer

07/01/2017 Keith Stam
I got a Typhoon H for Christmas and have been all over YouTube watching videos to learn how to fly and all of the great features it has. I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos!! Thank you so much for all of the great information you put on here about this wonderful drone! And please don't stop!!!

07/01/2017 Chris Brumbaugh
what do you use to stitch the panoramic pics together, I actually thought when it gave me the option of single or double layer it was going to automatically format and stitch like a budget VR system.. lol

22/12/2016 DRONE CY RO FINN
Have the H Pro for a week now, after flying the Q500 for six months. This video just proved to me i made a great buy. Obviously i have a lot to learn on its flying, and especially on its video and photo shooting. Great Job captain, thumbs up for a truly clear video helping us beginners. Keep it up. Happy Christmas, and even more, Happy flying to all

17/12/2016 Brendan Nagle
Dude you have a great videos! I see you at the end though you caught it by hand… You seem to be a well flown pilot. Someone who's not, and has crashed three or four times upon landing alone… Should I just start catching it instead?


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