DRONE HELP - YUNEEC TYPHOON H Camera - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Exposure, Panorama

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  • A demonstration of all the new camera features for the TYPHOON H are shown in this video. These features are available within the October 28, Yuneec firmware available for the Typhoon H and ST16 controller.
07/02/2017 Paul Hughes
Captain Drone pucahase typhoon h in dec 2016 have two issues updated firmware on camera did show on st16 first up then dropped of screen, 2nd issue flew H no problems video ok then camera started to spin 360 deg and will not stop any ideas

07/02/2017 gegarza
So exposure and white balance are two separate things? Been watching your videos and trying to learn the cameravideo settings. Saw a separate video of yours describing white balance.

24/01/2017 gegarza
Hey there, I have another question for you. I attempted to shoot some videography on my Typhoon H pro today. When I went to view the downloaded file, the resolution was good, but the video was skipping really bad. Any idea how I can fix this?
File: MP4
Viewed on: MacBook Air
Resolution setting: 3840x2160F30
Micro SD: The one included with Typhoon

Thanks in advance

23/01/2017 Paul Hughes
I purchased my typhoon h in dec2016 checking detail st 16 v03.01.b27
typhoon h has no firmware showing NA IS THIS CORRECT

17/01/2017 gegarza
Great video and presentation. I just picked up my H last week. Have read the manual front to back but a bit confused about two things. 1 How can one change the resolution settings on still photos? My still shots are at 2.0 MP resolution. Too low. 2 Are all the firmware updates conducted through the controller? Have to have the ST 16 on wifi and the drone on?

16/01/2017 scott fallon
One of the best drone tuitions made. Many thanks.


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