DRONE HELP - YUNEEC TYPHOON H Camera - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Exposure, Panorama

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  • A demonstration of all the new camera features for the TYPHOON H are shown in this video. These features are available within the October 28, Yuneec firmware available for the Typhoon H and ST16 controller.
27/04/2017 Daren Valentine
Hello Captain Drone,

I am a new owner and am enjoying the H so far. I have updated the firmware to match all the current versions on the website as of 4272017, but my available photo formats and photo modes are stuck at JPG and Single, respectively. There is no option to select others.

Any help?????



02/04/2017 I am Squishi
Hey I have a question?, is the fpv feed is late on the controler and is it really good at stabilizing itself?? Because I am hesitating between the Phantom 3 pro and the yuneec typhoon h

05/03/2017 mgcauctions07
Unitil next time...fly safe immediately catches drone

07/02/2017 Paul Hughes
Captain Drone pucahase typhoon h in dec 2016 have two issues updated firmware on camera did show on st16 first up then dropped of screen, 2nd issue flew H no problems video ok then camera started to spin 360 deg and will not stop any ideas

07/02/2017 gegarza
So exposure and white balance are two separate things? Been watching your videos and trying to learn the cameravideo settings. Saw a separate video of yours describing white balance.

24/01/2017 gegarza
Hey there, I have another question for you. I attempted to shoot some videography on my Typhoon H pro today. When I went to view the downloaded file, the resolution was good, but the video was skipping really bad. Any idea how I can fix this?
File: MP4
Viewed on: MacBook Air
Resolution setting: 3840x2160F30
Micro SD: The one included with Typhoon

Thanks in advance

23/01/2017 Paul Hughes
I purchased my typhoon h in dec2016 checking detail st 16 v03.01.b27
typhoon h has no firmware showing NA IS THIS CORRECT


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