GoPro H4B v Eken H3R comparison test

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  • How many of you GoPro users, have seen these China version cams, and wondered.....

    I know I did! So curiosity got the better of me, and so I did some research, and purchased one of the better brands that claims to stand up to the HEROs

    I run

    We are a GoPro accessory business, but dont have ANY affiliations with any cam manufacturers, nor do we sell any cams, we are completely unbiased, and simply looking for the best cam options in terms of quality and price.

    The model of Eken featured in this video is the H3R there is another model marginally better called the H8R.

    It films in 4k@25fps, it also has 2.7k@30fps, 1080@30fps and 1080@60fps.

    Photos can be captured in 12MP down to 4MP

    The GoPro HERO 4 Black films from 4k@30fps right down to 720@25fps, along with 32 video resolution and size options in between. Even if your very much a professional user, having so many options is very much over the top.

    It also takes photos from 12MP down to 5MP, but also features not only exposure level controls, but shutter speeds of upto 30 seconds suited to extremely low light subject matter ie stars.

    For me, both cams had their good points, so I'm sure I'll use both depending on the situations and requirements.

    And as I mentioned, dont forget to swing by PRO GEAR whenever you need to stock up on action cam consumables, or really cool mounts and accessories!

    We ship world wide for FREE, and wont muck you around with hidden charges at the checkout! The price you see on each item, is all you will pay, guaranteed!

    Dont forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE, because we will be starting to release brand new action cam accessories that dont currently exist in the market today, plus some other products re-engineered to be a little better!

    And dont forget to check out our good friends, CLOUD HEX, and the great tunes they are producing!

    Thanks again for watching our first proper video production! Now get your cam, and get in the action!
12/05/2017 MoDesTasCxz
me h3r

05/02/2017 TheB0123
hi do you think the camera produces good quality after editing on software? as long as the final result is nice ill definately buy. thanks

17/11/2016 Товар из Китая
хаа.. я тоже снял видео про Н3R и мне она понравилась.
если кому то интересно смотрите видос у меня на канале.

21/09/2016 Crazy Magician
what app can used for this camera to transfer photo and video ?

16/09/2016 Exa
why the fuck are you shaking 😂😂

01/09/2016 David Mariencik
How Long is the batery life in fullhd

01/09/2016 Mack Baise
Good afternoon, any update on putting the h8 into the hero4 silver housing? did the water end up leaking in?



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